Phi Alpha Requirements

An undergraduate student is eligible for membership after meeting the following national and local union requirements: PhD students must have completed at least 12 semester-hours for their master`s degree in history, have a cumulative GPA greater than 3.5, and complete approximately 30% of your institutes or program requirements for the master`s degree. A chapter counselor may also require the student to be in the top 35% of their class. The Chapter Counsellor has the discretion to make the eligibility requirements of his or her section stricter (but not less) than the national requirements. Instagram: bsu_phialpha Engage National Phi Alpha Honor Society buys Phi Alpha Swag. The New Social Worker Magazine has been published since 1994. Each issue includes practical articles on social work students, social work ethics, field placement, practice issues, practice specialties, social work technology, book reviews, etc. Chapter 3. Honorary membership may be granted to professional social workers and others whose support of social work education and practice deserves such recognition. Phi Alpha Honor Society Kappa Xi ChapterUniversity of Alaska FairbanksDepartment of Social Work P.O. P.O. 756480Fairbanks, AK 99775-6480 Section 4.

Section 3 Membership certificates are issued to all new members at the Chapter initiation ceremony. Founded in 1952, the Council on Social Work Education is the national association representing social work education in the United States. Members include more than 800 accredited high school and master`s degree programs in social work, as well as educators, practitioners, and individual social work agencies dedicated to promoting quality social work education. Complete the Phi Alpha application online. Once you have received an acceptance email, please send it to: • Successfully completed one semester or two terms of a regular year • Is a full-time student taking courses leading to their first university degree • Is performing well academically with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 grading scale or equivalent, unless: the minimum grade required by the college for graduation is higher; Then, the minimum degree for graduation must be used for eligibility • Is of good character • Is registered to vote if eligible and qualified • Sponsored by a deemed member of the chapter in which the nominee seeks membership • Recommended by a reputable member of the chapter in which the candidate seeks membership Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month, at 19:00 (Mtn time.) via Zoom. Please register at the following link: The conference code is 986 1295 5744. We are not looking for candidates who do not take academic excellence seriously. Chapter 2. The governing body of this Chapter shall be duly elected and the Executive Committee in accordance with the Statutes. Any male student at an accredited college may be nominated for membership in a college section, provided that he/she: For more information, please contact the Department of Social Work. Chapter meetings are held at least twice during the academic year.

Most importantly, we are not interested in people whose actions threaten the brand and well-being of the organization. Membership in the Phi Alpha Honor Society is recognized by employers and graduate schools and recognized by the Social Work Education Council. All members of the Honor Society are accepted by the local chapter of Phi Alpha Theta at their respective college or university. To find out if your school has a Phi Alpha Theta chapter, click here. Individual memberships sent directly to the National Office will not be accepted and will be returned. Our one-time introductory fee of $50.00 per student (plus an additional $5.00 for induction batch shipping) is due at the time of initiation. This fee includes a membership certificate and four issues of our journal The Historian. Phi Alpha Theta membership is a lifetime membership.

However, each section may collect such contributions or fees as it deems necessary to promote its own local activities. After that, there are no more annual dues or fees. Members who wish to continue to support the Honor Society may do so by subscribing to The Historian. BSW and MSW students who qualify will receive an invitation to join the spring semester of the year in which the student graduates. Shortly before the end of the program, an induction ceremony will be held. Section 1. Any social work student or student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks who meets the qualifications set out in the bylaws is eligible to become an active member. Chapter 2. To recognize, enhance and promote the goals of social work in the community, state, nation and world. Founded in 1925, the Association of College Honor Societies is the nation`s only certifying body for college and university honor societies. The CHHA sets standards for organizational excellence and school suitability for different categories of membership. Chapter 3.

Generate interest in preparing for a career in social work. The International Bureau is pleased to cooperate with the following organizations. We are not looking for candidates who are not interested in serving the communities in which they live. This chapter of Phi Alpha is associated with the Phi Alpha Honor Society and its National Council. The constitution, composition and programme shall be in accordance with the statutes and statutes of the national organization. Click below to learn more about the importance of turbidity prevention and our position on the issue. Section 1. These Statutes may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and, after ratification, by a three-fourths majority of the active members of the Chapter. In an effort to foster a closer connection among social work students and to establish a closer community with those dedicated to promoting humanitarian goals and ideals through a professional group whose high-quality educational preparation is considered essential, students and faculty involved in social work education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks decide to: sponsor a chapter of the Phi Alpha National Honor Society. The aim is to promote high educational standards for social work and to invite those who have been awarded outstanding scholarships and awards of merit as social work students to become members.

Chapter 2. Amendments may be proposed to the Executive Committee by any active member of the Chapter. Section 1: Recognition and advancement of academic achievement among students and faculty participating in the Bachelor or Master of Social Work program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. President – Carla Sanchez Vice-President – Brooke Berry Secretary – Haley Hunt Communications Officer – Kristiana Matthes Treasurer – Richard Renz Section 2. The colors of the society are blue and gold, as determined by the Committee of the National Honor Society. Royal blue and light gold are preferred. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours (4 courses) in history earned in class, online, or by AP or Transfer Credits (or a combination of these). A minimum average of 3.1 in history and 3.0 GPA overall is required.

A student does not need to be a history student to apply. We appreciate those who believe that their membership in Alpha Phi Alpha is a showcase of their personal commitment to these precious words. Be creative! Find something you`re passionate about: women`s issues, minority rights, political campaigns/advocacy, art project (a mural), poetry collection by survivors of violence/abuse, candlelight vigil highlighting the area/topic of interest, organizing a youth group, special forums, etc.