Por Ser Um Cara Legal

Here we are approaching reality. Duckie is a funny guy and a companion, but Andie© (Molly Ringwald) only sees him as a friend. It makes the legal guy persistent and supposedly passionate. It doesn`t work and she prefers to stay with Playboyz Blaine (Andrew McCarthy). Ironically, the original script predicted that Duckie and Andie would end up together, but the result was discussed by the audience in the test sections. What I did to you that it costs to know meI`m a nice guyAnd you think you`re like that So learning to be a nice guy, to do primary school are basic qualities that you must possess, but that do not guarantee success in conquest. Saying I`m a nice guy but it wouldn`t hurt if you tried to understand me, I just wanted to make you happy and I`ll take you for a walk when you talk about how to be a nice guy, many look with suspicion because there is a belief in the world of seduction, that women love the «bad guys.» If you manage to be a nice guy and, above all, improve your personality by acquiring some seductive qualities, it will become irresistible for women. Women want to be with nice guys, but not with nice guys. The reasons are endless, each case is a case©, but the truth is© that, in short, the jurist offers what this specific movement seeks in a man.

And that`s clear to everyone, except for their own legal face. Lie: At some point, he will notice when the Moça says «No roll». And you will hate each other, you will hate the Moça that you have not reciprocated, you will hate the world. In the best case, the legal guy falls into himself, overcomes the passion and moves on. At worst, the pit can turn into misogyny, critical distrust of the opposite sex, aggressive machismo, and emotional atrophy. No man is free to pay the legal guy for a particular woman at any time in his life. (Neither do I.) It happens, it`s part of it, and it`s© very, very common. And even if, at some point, a legal guy conquers his enchanted princess at the end, the story ends badly in almost every case, with broken friendships, guilt, self-esteem on the tee, and widespread bad vibes that may or may not pass.

In real life, that`s the way© it is. Never stop positioning yourself if you don`t like certain attitudes, being a nice guy is very different from becoming a banana. Know that a real man is the balance between the nice guy and the seducer, it is an irresistible mixture for women. In addition to reinforcing your virtues of being a «cool guy», you need to develop your most attractive side so that it is the perfect blend that drives women crazy. I`m a nice guyThat we can be happyI love you so muchI love you so much I tell you I`m a nice guyWouldn`t hurt if you tried to understand meBecause before I do, I`m going to smileI`m going to show you that we can be happy Knowing that being nice to women is no guarantee that you can win them over, Because having virtues is fundamental in any type of relationship. Nothing will be like thisBecause you don`t look at meI`m a nice guyAnd you think about such and such So what you need to do is not stop being a «nice guy», but acquire the qualities of bad guys. I guess you know the difference between a nice guy and a cool guy. Every man should be a nice guy, with everyone: friends, acquaintances, strangers. Polite, humorous, respectful, civilized, finally.

Being a nice guy has nothing to do with it. The subject may be an ogre, a scrotum, a commentator on the G1 portal, but under the right circumstances, he can become a legal guy overnight. Maintaining the simplistic vision of the jurist legitimizes this behavior in men. This gives them false hope and feeds a passive-aggressive attitude: passive in the belief that it is only legal and that the beloved woman will fall on his arms, and aggressive when he realizes that this is not the way the© band plays. In short, be a nice guy, but not a nice guy. In movies, it just works for them. And sometimes not even in movies. Thacker has© a decadent bookstore.

It`s awkward, cheesy and without sex appeal. His only redemptive characteristic is being© a Cool Guy. Nevertheless, you end up staying with Julia Roberts. Because she sees in him something that no one else©sees. Not even the spectators. (Oddly© enough, Julia plays a rare female version, in My Best Friend`s Wedding.) Ross is a perfect example of a Cool Guy¢, who is© not a© nice guy. It`s© a suitcase: a nerdy (!) and grumpy paleontologist, indecisive and unable to honor the shorts he wears. Endure the greatest humiliation and it literally takes years to explain yourself to Rachel. In real life, he wouldn`t stand a chance, but in the show, they stick together.